A Lifetime of Music #5

How can life feel like it has lost all it’s meaning while at the same time be so emotional? How can you sometimes feel so hopeless and lost, but yet plan for the future? How does one worry about the lawn or money or work or the dog barking next door when everything could be snatched away in an instant? Like it has for people we used to know. How do we go on knowing it will happen to us too? And why and how, if life is so fragile, have we made it this far?  All the big questions to keep us up at night – and to write songs about – and to listen to songs about. So while the World Spins Madly On for, hopefully, our 100 Years, let’s do our best to Float On. Continue reading “A Lifetime of Music #5”

Life Keeps Updating

Things have been busy since we have been back from vacation. Work has been crazy, because I had a lot of catching up to do and I needed to meet some deadlines. The weather has been hot and I’ve been dealing with some kind of something – allergies? I don’t know. It feels like it’s been going on all summer – kind of an asthma thingy, being tired, achy – that kind of thing. Anyway, stuff has been happening, so let’s do an update. Continue reading “Life Keeps Updating”