It’s Here

It’s here! Spring is finally here. We have a poppy blooming in our garden. The weather is getting warmer. There are bugs flying around. The grass needs to be cut. All the signs that spring must be here. How much longer before we start to hear – ugh, it’s so hot outside. I’ll take it, though. … Continue reading It’s Here

Falling Apart

Ouch. My tooth has been bothering me lately. I may have a cavity. Or I may just have a sinus thing going on. Sometimes it hurts in my tooth, sometimes in the one above it. Other times it doesn’t bother me at all. Sometimes it gets all – yikes – when something cold hits my … Continue reading Falling Apart

All the Green

Yesterday our daughter went to spend the weekend with her friend, which left us with a date day. A whole day and night just for ourselves. Since it was St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the one thing on the agenda was to go out to O’Connor Brewery for their big St Paddy’s party. Bands, green, food trucks, green, dark beer, and green beer. But first… Continue reading “All the Green”

Marathon Day

It’s back! One of the best days of the year! The day where there are multiple NCAA basketball games on constantly from noon to midnight. All day long of close games, buzzer beaters and upsets. Or we can hope. Of course, it’s a lot more fun when you have a horse in the race, but … Continue reading Marathon Day

Catching Pie

On this rainy, windy, cold, nor’easter March day, the first thing to come to mind is naturally baseball. Only 22 more days until opening day! Recently I was driving around somewhere and started thinking about catchers. A common thought, right? Specifically as to why they are such bad hitters. It’s just one of those things … Continue reading Catching Pie