Back and Forth

Well, that’s it. Another school year in the books. Today was the the last day of school for the girls. Sarah finished her first year of High School and Tracy finished what may be her last year of teaching 6th grade. They are a little excited… The kid has had a banner freshman year. She … Continue reading Back and Forth

Jazz it Up

Let’s play some jazz. Mix it up and see what happens. New Orleans. That’s pretty much it in New Orleans. Mix it up, scat, take some chances, and see what happens. A lot happened on our recent jazz session there last week. Let’s take some time, slow it down, listen to music, and enjoy the … Continue reading Jazz it Up

Catching Pie

On this rainy, windy, cold, nor’easter March day, the first thing to come to mind is naturally baseball. Only 22 more days until opening day! Recently I was driving around somewhere and started thinking about catchers. A common thought, right? Specifically as to why they are such bad hitters. It’s just one of those things … Continue reading Catching Pie

Feeling Good?

I don’t know what is going on but when I got up this morning I actually felt energized and excited about the day. Maybe it was the spring like weather the past few days, or the big Trump speech a few days ago. Or maybe it’s just the pollen. Whatever it was, I felt good. Full of ideas and ready to get them done. Wonder how long it will last… Continue reading “Feeling Good?”