Life is fleeting, so they say. Change is around every corner and the end is coming inevitably one day to everyone and everything. Huge change like the death of a friend or family member is what mostly comes to mind when we reflect on the fleetingness of life. Other events can give us that sense … Continue reading Fleeting

Reality Bites

It’s nice to get away from reality sometimes after a hard day at school or work,  or dealing with the relentlessly awful weather of winter. In between reading and working out, movie nights and sporting events – we like to escape into some of our favorite shows.   As a family we have been taking … Continue reading Reality Bites


Things have been happening lately, and regardless of how we try to slow it down – it just keeps coming. Like Ben Folds once said in a song, life barrels on like a runaway train. We’ve had some milestones recently in our family, and quite few more coming. It’s enough to take your breath away. So, to … Continue reading Milestones

The Big Drip

I had quite the adventure yesterday. Let’s just say that I have a very good understanding of how the plumbing in a shower and bathtub work now. We had a drip in our daughter’s bathroom. Also, the water control handle was messed up because it wouldn’t stop where it should. You would turn it and … Continue reading The Big Drip