Lunch Views

I like to take photos. I’m always on the lookout for something interesting to snap or some unique angle or perspective to record. I try to get out for lunch everyday during the work week – most of the time to the gym – sometimes for a bike ride or running on the beach – and I like to get a lunch view shot when the eye demands. Here are some recent samples… Continue reading “Lunch Views”

Travel Plans

Well, it’s finally here. Summer! A great time to get out of the craziness of everyday life of work and politics and insane people – of bills and yard work and traffic – of the news and the slow move to civil war and the coming complete destruction of everything. And what better way to … Continue reading Travel Plans

The Kid has been Killing it lately…

My daughter has been on a roll lately, and here is my chance to give her some well earned kudos:

  • First of all, she is finishing middle school this week with awesome grades. She will be just a little bit short of straight A’s with a B+ in algebra. And this while taking two high school level classes…
  • She finished up her first year playing violin last month with the Bay Youth String Orchestra. She had to audition to get into this orchestra, played in three concerts during the year, and went to weekly rehearsals from September – May. It was quite the experience and will start up again in the fall.

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