Medal Time

Race day is over and it went really good! We’re tired, though, and it’s only 1pm. Here’s our recap: The day started early at 5:30am. I didn’t get much sleep because I stayed up all night watching UVA get pummeled by UMBC in the NCAA Tournament. Even though I only got a little over 4 … Continue reading Medal Time

Back to Wine

I haven’t been keeping up this blogging thing like I planned. Part of the problem is that during the summer I don’t have hardly any alone time to think and write these things. We stay up late and are always doing things. That just leaves during work, and writing a blog is probably not the … Continue reading Back to Wine

A Milestone Weekend

Do you ever have just one of those weekends? A lot happens, new experiences surface, even a life milestone is accomplished? Well, last weekend was one of those. Lets start with the milestone. The kid finally got her ears pierced! She has always been set against getting them done. We would ask and hint and … Continue reading A Milestone Weekend

A Full Time Job

In a couple days it will be me and my wife’s anniversary. We try to give each other gifts each year that align with the traditional or modern anniversary gift list. Last year the item was china. I gave her these large asian noodle bowls made of china and she gave me a rose bush … Continue reading A Full Time Job

Jazz it Up

Let’s play some jazz. Mix it up and see what happens. New Orleans. That’s pretty much it in New Orleans. Mix it up, scat, take some chances, and see what happens. A lot happened on our recent jazz session there last week. Let’s take some time, slow it down, listen to music, and enjoy the … Continue reading Jazz it Up

It’s Here

It’s here! Spring is finally here. We have a poppy blooming in our garden. The weather is getting warmer. There are bugs flying around. The grass needs to be cut. All the signs that spring must be here. How much longer before we start to hear – ugh, it’s so hot outside. I’ll take it, though. … Continue reading It’s Here