Medal Time

Race day is over and it went really good! We’re tired, though, and it’s only 1pm. Here’s our recap: The day started early at 5:30am. I didn’t get much sleep because I stayed up all night watching UVA get pummeled by UMBC in the NCAA Tournament. Even though I only got a little over 4 … Continue reading Medal Time

The Kid has been Killing it lately…

My daughter has been on a roll lately, and here is my chance to give her some well earned kudos:

  • First of all, she is finishing middle school this week with awesome grades. She will be just a little bit short of straight A’s with a B+ in algebra. And this while taking two high school level classes…
  • She finished up her first year playing violin last month with the Bay Youth String Orchestra. She had to audition to get into this orchestra, played in three concerts during the year, and went to weekly rehearsals from September – May. It was quite the experience and will start up again in the fall.

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The Exam

*Post 2 in the look back at my long ago journal – and an entry I made on February 7, 1997*

In college I majored in accounting. I didn’t start with the plan of majoring in accounting. In fact, I was given a warning by a counselor at my college about majoring in business at all because “when you get a business degree you have to take accounting and you will have three hours of homework each night for every accounting class you take.” Continue reading “The Exam”