Fantasy and Reality

It’s been a full summer so far and it’s only the beginning of July! We’ve done a lot already – from concerts and movies to traveling, brewery visits, fireworks, and fitness. There’s a lot more to come, too, with our trip to Chicago right around the corner. Still, it’s always hard to shake that feeling … Continue reading Fantasy and Reality

Back and Forth

Well, that’s it. Another school year in the books. Today was the the last day of school for the girls. Sarah finished her first year of High School and Tracy finished what may be her last year of teaching 6th grade. They are a little excited… The kid has had a banner freshman year. She … Continue reading Back and Forth

A Milestone Weekend

Do you ever have just one of those weekends? A lot happens, new experiences surface, even a life milestone is accomplished? Well, last weekend was one of those. Lets start with the milestone. The kid finally got her ears pierced! She has always been set against getting them done. We would ask and hint and … Continue reading A Milestone Weekend

Just Looking Around

The crazy, busy week is over and now I’m exhausted. Just in time for more to come. Last week we had Mother’s Day on Sunday, our wedding anniversary on Thursday, and my wife’s birthday on Saturday. Lots of gifts to plan for and buy. Cards and gift bags and coordination. Sprinkled in between our daughter … Continue reading Just Looking Around

A Full Time Job

In a couple days it will be me and my wife’s anniversary. We try to give each other gifts each year that align with the traditional or modern anniversary gift list. Last year the item was china. I gave her these large asian noodle bowls made of china and she gave me a rose bush … Continue reading A Full Time Job

Dreamy Craziness

I want to continue to recap our recent trip to New Orleans, but I’ve been having a hard time getting my thoughts together on the second installment. My mind has been in this fog of pollen induced dreamy existence. I need to get back into more frequent posts, though, so here it goes. Back to … Continue reading Dreamy Craziness