The Exam

*Post 2 in the look back at my long ago journal – and an entry I made on February 7, 1997*

In college I majored in accounting. I didn’t start with the plan of majoring in accounting. In fact, I was given a warning by a counselor at my college about majoring in business at all because “when you get a business degree you have to take accounting and you will have three hours of homework each night for every accounting class you take.” Continue reading “The Exam”


With the cloud of change seeming to continue to hang over me, I decided to take one of the bulls by the horns today and change some things up. There are these areas of our house that just seem to get in these long ruts of neglect. I went after two of these areas today. Continue reading “Change”

Ghost Stories

When I was a kid I was fascinated by ghosts. All my friends were fascinated by ghosts. Even most of the adults in my life were fascinated by ghosts. My friends and I would spend the night at each other’s houses staying up late watching monster movies. We would go for walks in the woods … Continue reading Ghost Stories