The Big Drip

I had quite the adventure yesterday. Let’s just say that I have a very good understanding of how the plumbing in a shower and bathtub work now. We had a drip in our daughter’s bathroom. Also, the water control handle was messed up because it wouldn’t stop where it should. You would turn it and … Continue reading The Big Drip

Back to Wine

I haven’t been keeping up this blogging thing like I planned. Part of the problem is that during the summer I don’t have hardly any alone time to think and write these things. We stay up late and are always doing things. That just leaves during work, and writing a blog is probably not the … Continue reading Back to Wine

Back and Forth

Well, that’s it. Another school year in the books. Today was the the last day of school for the girls. Sarah finished her first year of High School and Tracy finished what may be her last year of teaching 6th grade. They are a little excited… The kid has had a banner freshman year. She … Continue reading Back and Forth

A Milestone Weekend

Do you ever have just one of those weekends? A lot happens, new experiences surface, even a life milestone is accomplished? Well, last weekend was one of those. Lets start with the milestone. The kid finally got her ears pierced! She has always been set against getting them done. We would ask and hint and … Continue reading A Milestone Weekend