A buildup of worry – on hold

7 thoughts on “A buildup of worry – on hold”

  1. Dave, sorry to hear you’re going through this, but you’re on the right track doing your own research and questioning the doctor’s decisions. No one will be a better advocate for your care than you.

    The one thing you don’t mention is the digital rectal exam. I know it’s 20 seconds of discomfort, but it was one low cost, low tech way of indicating I had something going on with my prostate. Between feeling a mass on my prostate and having a PSA of 5.0, we pretty much knew that it was cancer, and the biopsy confirmed that.

    Keep pushing to find the right medical team that you’re comfortable with.

    All the best. Dan


    1. Thanks, Dan. You’re right. I forgot to mention the dre. I have had them in the past and the urologist never felt anything. This time he never did it. He just rushed to this non psa test and then the MRI/biopsy route. That was also one of my concerns. No follow up psa’s and no dre after the insurance denied the mri – just right to the biopsy. How are you? I’m sorry to hear you had/have cancer. What did you decide to do?


      1. Hi Dave. I was diagnosed in November 2010 and had a radical prostatectomy in January 2011. Things were going well until my PSA began creeping up over the last six months, so I, too, am back in “limbo land” for now, waiting to find out if the cancer is back. You can read my story at dansjourney.com.


      2. Dan – my dad had his prostate removed when he was 59 and at some point over the next couple of years his psa scores started creeping up too. He ended up having to get radiation treatments for a while which stopped the psa increase. He’s been fine since and will be 70 this year. Good luck with your scan. I started following you so I’ll keep in touch…

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  2. Thanks for sharing Dave. The last thing you need on your team are incompetents. You have enough to deal with. Here’s hoping you find the medicos that are right for you. Cheers, Phil


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